Ahnu Firetrail Winter shoe

GearFlogger reviews the Ahnu Firetrail Winter shoe Ah. New. Ahnu. We're sure there's a story behind the name, but we're too lazy to investigate. Also, we're angry at Ahnu for making us run to test their new Firetrail Winter shoe. You all know how we feel about running: think full-body moving dry heaves.

And yet the Firetrail does what it can to make an unpleasant task better. At 13oz per dog for a size 9 it's light on the feet, and the Vibram sole has a serious tread with lugs that face every which way so you get equal friction going up, down and sideways. The Firetrail easily handles mud, slush and snow in equal measure. A wide heel provides excellent stability, and the fit is solid with great arch support. The rocker provides a smooth foot roll over a running stride, and the fit is

The exterior isn't technically waterproof, but it's damn close: Ahnu calls the outer mesh hydrophobic, but whatever you call it you'll really have to submerge it to get your tootsies damp. There's plenty of protection including a toe cap, so no worries about banging your piggies either. The Winter designation distinguishes this shoe from the normal Firetrail. The beefier construction and weatherproofing also confer more warmth, so all you winter runners can run on down to the mental health center to get yourselves checked out.

$124.95 at Paragon Sports



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