Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight .7

PointsevenAs a climber 99% of your time is spent buying, sorting and packing shiny things. The other 1% is spent adjusting your beret to a rakish angle (French), painting little fake six-pack lines on your abs (German), drinking yourself silly (UK) or trying to figure out some complicated sponsorship scheme involving sick children or animals (American).

In reality the first thing you should take with you on your backcountry adventures is often the last thing you devote any thought to: a medical kit. Lucky you, Adventure Medical Kits is here to enable your slacker lifestyle by doing your thinking for you. They produce a complete line of safety and survival products for just about any outdoor activity.

The Ultralight and Watertight series includes kits for one to four people, weighing from 3 to 10 ounces. All have an external ripstop nylon pouch with tie-in points and internal Aloksak waterproof bags – like ziplocs only beefier. The .7 is an 8oz 2-person kit containing all the basics, from moleskin, duct tape and tweezers to dressings, tape and medications. All the items are high-quality and sized right for the intended use. Use the Ultralight kit as is or supplement to your own specs, but don’t leave home without an ounce – or eight – of prevention.

$24.95 at REI



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