Adidas Progressor S Goggles

Gearflogger reviews the Adidas Progressor S goggles

Along with a helmet, eye protection is mandatory on the slopes, both to keep junk out of your eyes and to allow visibility whether it's sunny or socked in. Adidas is a relatively new entrant into the ski goggle category, but they wasted no time in putting out a competitive product with the Progressor S goggle.

The S is for spherical, as in the top-to-bottom curvature of the lens; there's also a C version with a cylindrical profile, i.e. flat top-to-bottom. Both have their places: cylindrical goggles are less expensive and lower profile, and spherical are higher in both volume in price. Generally spherical lenses offer less distortion and glare as well.

The Progressor has a shiny lens in a variety of hues; we tested red, and it provided excellent clarity and contract across a wide range of conditions from extremely flat light to direct sun, a.k.a. a typical day at Alyeska Ski Resort in Alaska. The Progressor S definitely fills up your helmet, which is nice to prevent the dreaded gorby gap and also to keep your face warm.

The higher volume has another benefit, which is that combined with the excellent ventilation on the Progressor we didn't experience any fogging problems. We weren't skinning uphill with a pack, but we can usually tell even in strict downhill conditions whether a goggle is going to be a problem fogger or not, and we don't expect that issue in the Progressor. Overall Adidas has done a fine job of producing a great goggle.

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