Acurite Pro Weather Station

Gearflogger reviews the Acurite Pro Weather StationSpring weather is unpredictable weather. Or (cue dramatic music) IS IT? Even as weather gets weirder, prediction tools are racing to keep up, and this is one area where you are most definitely encouraged to take matters into your own hands. Acurite is a company that really wants to help you do this, and their version of a BFG is the Pro Weather Station with PC Connect.

Available in standard and pro sensor models, the Acurite consists of a main unit that looks like a cool spaceship prop. It connects wireless to your computer, tablet and smart phone, and to your own page on Did we mention it's good to -40F? It will measure rainfall, wind speed and direction, temperature and humidity, and barometric pressure. It tracks patterns and tells you highs and lows and lets you share data with social weather networks like Weather Underground if you want. Hell, uber-geeks can even export the data to CSV and run their own analyses.

You can calibrate some settings manually, or let the device calibrate itself over a couple weeks. It's best to mount it up in the air a bit to get more accurate wind readings undisturbed by the roof, etc. Since the outside unit runs on 4 AA batteries you'll want to rig it so that you can get to it once a year or so to replace the batteries. The inside color display unit is normally plugged in, but also has a battery backup. There is an option for a pro sensor, the only difference being that it apparently has dual solar panels instead of a single panel. Since the solar panels are only used to bring air across the sensors this is not particularly critical.

The Acurite is a great unit for the weather hobbyists among us. It's definitely a project to set up and learn, but less so than a new home theater system, and if you're the type who loves gadgets it can even be fun figuring it all out. For them, and for all those of you who are regularly frustrated by the inaccuracy of supposedly local weather reports, the Acurite Pro Weather Station will give it to you straight.

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