About Gearflogger

Hello gearfloggers! I’m Ken Osterkamp, and I’m the creator of Gearflogger.net. I was inspired to start reviewing outdoor gear after my first attempt on Denali back in 2005. Yes, that was before the invention of the first iPhone!

Along the way we’ve won a few awards, been reviewed ourselves (thanks Gear Junkie!), and had our reviews syndicated all over the place, including in:

  • The Active Times
  • Outdoor Gear Review Magazine
  • Technical Rescue Magazine
  • Park Ranger Magazine
  • ARB Climber Magazine
  • International SAR Magazine

When I’m not using or writing about outdoor gear, I work as a management consultant in Anchorage, Alaska. What’s so great about Anchorage? Year-round access to snow, ice, water, rock, dirt, mud, and every condition in-between!

If you’ve got gear you want reviewed, ping me at reviews@gearflogger.net and I’ll take a look. In the meantime, read on, gear up, and get out!