1MORE Stylish True Wireless Earbuds

Gearflogger reviews 1MORE Stylish True Wireless EarbudsOK, we'll admit to some troglodyte-like tendencies, one of which is we've been slow to adopt wireless earbuds. We heard about the problems with early versions and frankly, the prices Apple charges are way too high. So we were happy to have a chance to test the latest tech from 1MORE, a well-reviewed brand that promises better quality for less.

We've heard that before, and we're pretty cynical here, but when we unboxed the Stylish True Wireless earbuds we were immediately impressed with the quality and presentation of 1MORE. The slickly designed case doubles as a charging station with included flat micro USB cable, and the earbuds boot up, tell you their charging status and pair automatically after the first time. You can even pair the buds individually.

The earbuds include three different sizes of silicone earpieces and o-rings. They fit comfortably and securely, and buttons on the buds allow you to play/pause, skip tracks and answer/decline phone calls. We tried them on a phone call first, and they worked perfectly. The person on the other end remarked on the sound quality, and we were outside in a somewhat noisy environment with various competing background noises.

Then we fired up a summer soundtrack and… wow. The sound quality brought us back to the very first time we used a high quality set of over-the-ear headphones, an eye-opening experience as we heard every bit of the music from the highest highs to the lowest lows. The 1MORE earbud sound quality is the audio equivalent of looking at a richly detailed, large format photograph, where your eye is constantly wandering and discovering new details. The bass is so powerful we assumed the high end would suffer, but it was there too and just as wonderful.

So, we're sorry Apple. There's no reason to pay their tax when you get as good or better design from 1MORE and astounding sound quality to boot, and all at a much lower price point. The Stylish True Wireless earbuds are indeed stylish, as well as comfortable and a pleasure to use. Highly recommended.

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