180s Exolite Ti earwarmers

180sThese days everyone associates 180s with Mitt Romney (Look, I’m a liberal! Wait, I’m a conservative! No, I’m just a nasty flip-flopping political whore!), but they have another claim to fame as a company that produces earwarmers. I don’t know why, but I’ve never been happy with headbands, and that’s left me with limited options when a hat is overkill.

Sure, I’ve tried the earbag solution and it works, but I’ve yearned for something more. 180s Exolite Ti earwarmers fill the niche between earbags and headbands nicely. Cool your jets, gram weenie: they’re not actually made of titanium as the name indicates. They’re only an ounce or two anyway though, so don’t sweat it.

In fact, don’t sweat at all: the reason I obsess over ear protection is for high-output activities like cross-country skiing, snow biking and snowshoeing, where your ears can get cold while the rest of you is contributing to a measurable increase in local humidity. The Exolite Ti won’t break the bank, and it folds up flat so you can keep it in your pocket just in case. Suitable for about town too, ’cause it won’t mess up your ‘do.

$25.00 at REI



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