Zeus Portable Jump Starter

Gearflogger reviews the Zeus portable jump starterPortable jump starters with lithium batteries are as common as they are useful these days. The Zeus joins a crowded field, but manages to set itself a little bit apart by including some uncommon extras.

The Zeus uses something called high-level voltage multiplier, leveraging the four internal battery cells to work as one to start larger engines like diesels and to help the battery last longer. Features include a flashlight with strobe function that is actually usable, battery capacity indicator, dual USB ports and dual DC output. That's a nice selection of outputs that give you a lot of flexibility to run a lot of different types of equipment.

The inputs aren't neglected either, including a 2-prong wall adapter and a cigarette lighter power adapter. And speaking of adapters, they include a USB to micro USB charging cable, and a cigarette lighter output adapter so you can plug in anything with that type of interface. The battery and all the cables come packaged in a nice stiff-sided zipped case, so everything stays where you need it until you need it.

If you're like us the primary use of this device will probably be charging cell phones and tablets in a pinch, so make sure you have a compatible cable (e.g. USB to lightning) in the car. This is probably different from the reason you bought the Zeus, which is peace of mind for a dead car battery. Have no fear, in case of emergency unzip case, plug jumper cables in, connect them to the dead battery, and as soon as the light on the box that the cables are attached to goes green, you have 30 seconds to get in the car and crank it over.

All in all the Zeus is a nice addition to a crowded field because of its packaging and cables, and its ability to start even large diesel engines. 

$124.99 at Uncharted Supply Co.


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