Zeal Link PPX goggle

GearFlogger reviews the Zeal Link PPX goggle

Zeal makes some great eyewear, and having had a few weekends to wring out their Link PPX goggle on the slopes we are suitably impressed once again: polarized and photochromic goodness in one 100% UV-protecting lens.

The Link PPX lens goes from low light to full retina burn almost immediately, so skiing from a sunny slope into the shadows and back again won't throw off your carve. It lets through 43% of light in low light conditions and only 13% in the brightness. It helps even in flat light conditions, maybe not quite as much as a yellow lens but close enough that the versatility will have you reaching for the Link PPX as your go-to goggle.

Peripheral vision is a bit constricted but not the worst goggle we've tested. Helmet compatibility with a Smith Variant Brim was perfect, and in one very important area – antifog – the PPX was a stellar performer, with no fogging problems during downhill use at all. The Zeal Link PPX also is Rx-compatible with a $25 adapter that your optometrist can fit with lenses. What's not to like? Nuthin!

$159..95 at Backcountry




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