WindPouch Go Inflatable Hammock

Gearflogger reviews the WindPouch Go Inflatable Hammock

We are moving inevitably toward a future where everything is inflatable: kayaksswimming poolspet collarshusbands, wives, you name it. So why not camp furniture? We've been inflating sleeping pads for decades, maybe it's time to branch out?

If that sounds like a good idea to you, we present for your consideration the WindPouch GO, a stout three-pound inflatable lounger that will hold 500lbs of human flesh suspended in space above various uncomfortable surfaces. The WindPouch is inflated by basically running back and forth with one end open and "scooping up" air. This does work, after a little practice, and is certainly more convenient than packing a pump.

Once inflated, just roll and clip the top like a drybag and you're good to go. And by go, we mean absolutely nowhere. As in lay down and do nothing. The first question everyone has: will it pop? No. If our six-year-olds couldn't do it, you can't either. The WindPouch GO has a ripstop nylon outer shell for protection, and an inner sleeve that actually holds the air. That way one slides over the other to prevent rips.

The second question everyone has: is it comfortable? Yes. Assuming you inflate it correctly – neither too full or not full enough – it has a nice hammock-like feel to it, and the pillow end provides a nice support for your noggin. Overall if you're looking for a sturdy piece of camp furniture for an adult to lounge on or kids to play king of the (small) hill, the WindPouch will absolutely do the trick. And when you're done just fold it up and go.

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