Wiley-X SG-1 V-cut goggles

Sg1vcutWiley-X, a company started by the coyote nemesis of the roadrunner, has developed the SG-1 V-cut for tactical applications where a clear lens is critical to maintaining an intact brain housing group.

I find a wide variation in how well goggles ventilate to stay clear, and while none are perfect these do a damn good job. The foam cups around the inside of the eyepieces have little v’s cut into them, allowing air to get in but keeping most particulates (dust, blowing snow and ice) out.

Various clear and tinted lenses are interchangeable, and the head restraint allows you to switch between normal arms and an elastic band. This is handy as it lets them double as sunglasses in case your main pair breaks.

$100.00 at Wiley-X




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