Wiley X WX Ignite Sunglasses

Gearflogger reviews Wiley X WX Ignite sunglasses

Wiley X eyewear has always given a lot of bang for the buck. Their products are popular with people who are rough on their gear and don't want to spend a mint on something they're about to abuse in the line of duty: think military, law enforcement and emergency services, or any pursuit where foreign objects may seek ingress through your face. That makes Wiley X a great deal for the rest of us, and their new WX Ignite sunglasses are no exception.

We tested the blacked out version with smoke grey lenses, and it's also available in a polarized blue lens. Both lenses meet the ANSI Z87.1 High Velocity and High Mass Impact Safety standards, so the Ignite will protect your eyeballs and as a bonus keep OSHA off your back if that's a concern. If you need prescription Wiley X has you covered there too with their DIGIFORCE digital Rx lens technology.

Not one to skimp, Wiley X throws in a nice hard case, cleaning cloth and even a good leash, the last being important since the temples don't have a nonslip pad on them (despite the description of such on some vendor websites). We really liked the shape, coverage and clarity of the Ignite. The fit is medium/large which for our narrow nose was too big, but that was easily rectified with some adhesive silicone pads from Amazon. The Ignite has become our daily driver sunglass, and we're happy in the knowledge that if the balloon goes up we should be able to get through the resulting debris with our eyes intact.

$80.00 at Basspro




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