Wilderness First Responder, 2nd Edition

Wfr_book This is hard for most of us backcountry bandits to admit, but there are people out there who aren't navel-gazing while dreaming of tick-list nirvana all the time. These people have bigger concerns, like saving your ass when your next epic gets effed.

For those who go above and beyond basic wilderness first aid, since 1984 there has been Woofer: Wilderness First Responder certification, usually an 80-hour, two week course that trains participants in legal issues (yes you do need to know), patient assessment, traumatic injuries, and environmental, medical and special emergencies.

Wilderness First Responder, 2nd Edition is a standard textbook for the course wherever it's offered. Updated in 2004 from its original 1998 first edition it's well organized: each chapter begins with "it could happen to you," a brief overview of a scenario, and concludes with outcomes of the scenario after covering the subject in between.

It's got good stuff for the general outdoors crowd: basic wound management, heat/cold/altitude injuries, and a subject everyone should know and prepare for: chapter 36, wilderness transportation of the sick and injured. Note the CPR recommendations are out of date: they call for 15 compressions to 2 breaths, but current CPR guidelines call for 30:2 or even, as the American Heart Association recommends, eliminating the mouth-to-mouth entirely and simply maintaining the 100 compressions a minute rate.

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