weBoost Destination RV Cell Signal Booster

Gearflogger reviews the weBoost Destination RV cell phone signal boosterIf the starship Enterprise was an RV, Scotty would insist on the Destination RV cell phone signal booster from weBoost. The man needs more power, and where most mobile boosters are limited to 50dB max downlink gain the Destination RV rocks a full 65dB. Because the dB scale is logarithmic, that's a 30x increase in power to you and me.

The way the Destination RV gets around the 50dB max is by being classified as a stationary booster, in other words, don't use it while in motion, got it? Otherwise, black helicopters will arrive overhead shortly and let's just say your new best friends will be water and a board…

Fanboys of weBoost that we are around here, we won't cover the basics: registering your booster with the FCC, testing speeds, etc. Check out our recent weBoost reviews for all those deets. Basically rest assured that the out-of-box experience with weBoost products is best in class and as painless as possible. And just as important, performance is top-notch – just ask Subaru Motorsports, they use the Destination RV in the field to support their rally team.

Aside from more power, the main visible difference on the Destination RV is the telescoping mast and directional antenna. OK, that's technically two differences. The mast cranks up to 25 feet (!), and if you know anything about antennae (like how to spell "antennae") you know a good line-of-sight from on high is very helpful. The directional antenna will require an idea of which direction the nearest cell phone tower is, so you'll want to do a little research before you go wherever it is you're going, and become acquainted with an app like Open Signal to get your direction dialed in.

We set up and deployed the Destination RV at our home location, which despite being in an urban area is a cell phone dead zone. We normally get two bars of signal, but hooking up to the Destination doubled that to four. Putting your device in field test mode – again, see weBoost reviews link – will get you a more accurate dB rating, bu having experience with weBoost products we were not particularly surprised – we know that if anything will pull in a weak signal and make it stronger, weBoost will. It's nice knowing we can get above trees and other blockages to grab a signal, and the fact that we need to be stationary to do it is no big deal for an RV, so once again weBoost for the win!

$649.99 at weBoost


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