Waves II Classic Floating Sunglasses

Gearflogger reviews the Waves II Classic Floating Sunglasses

OK, we admit it, we've been out doing things instead of writing reviews. So sorry, blah-blah-blah, but here's a gem to patch things up: the Waves II Classic floating sunglasses.

The Waves do exactly what they say they will, which is float when you drop them in the water. Or the toilet. Or the wine vat, for the annoying look-what-I'm-eating-on-Facebook people; are you really still a thing? Dammit, you are.

Available in three styles and a variety of colors, all are polarized, lightweight and floating. They have a close fit best for narrow to medium faces, and the tint is sufficient for the brightest days. There are no traction pads on either the arms or the nose, but they are so light and the fit close enough it's not a problem unless you're the smooth and sweaty type; e.g. if you're rocking the beach volleyball set.

For paddling and onboard use the Waves are awesome, stylish, effective and comfortable. The only real ding is the tiny logo bug they put in the upper right corner of the right eye lens. No biggie, but why? Still, for the modest price and the extra security of floatation, you can't go wrong with Waves sunglasses.

$40.00 at Amazon



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