Volkl Unlimited AC20 ’09/’10 ski

GearFlogger reviews the Volkl Unlimited AC20 skis and Marker 11.0 TC bindings Like the man said, I'm just an oridinary average guy. But I have big dreams, and there's nothing the cold, cruel slopes like more than the taste of sweet, crunchy dreams. So I have to step up my game, but I don't want to break the bank. Solved, with the Volkl Unlimited AC20 skis and Marker 11.0 TC bindings.

The ski is a great board for advanced beginners and intermediate skiers looking to improve their alpine skills. With a profile of 118/74/103 for the 177cm, and a sidecut radius of 17.7 meters, the ski lives up to its all conditions mantra. On the groomers it will hold an edge all day long under any conditions. Light powder is OK, and even bumps will fall down for you due to the AC20's light weight and excellent steerability.

The Markers have a DIN from 3 to 11, and they mount with the 3Motion integrated rail system designed to flex with the ski so you don't lose your grip. In spring skiing the AC20 took wicked fast conditions and still cornered like they were on rails. The best part? Being able to keep up with the SheFlogger. The AC20 is a great confidence-builder and a great deal all around.

$564.25 (on sale from $825.00) at Altrec



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