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Gearflogger reviews Voke energy tabletsWe'll never get an energy drink sponsorship here, since we believe that stuff – along with soft drinks, sports drinks and dessert dressed up as coffee – is just garbage for your gut: Chinese-made synthetic caffeine, high-fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners and magic ingredients from tropical rainforests that will cause you to fart unicorns and see double rainbows all day. Blah. If we're going to get our caffeine fix, we're going to do it the old-fashioned way, with a cup of all-natural, single-ingredient coffee.

Voke gives us another option: 75mg of caffeine from green tea leaves in a tablet, roughly equivalent to a cup of coffee or an 8oz can of Red Bull. It also includes magic ingredients, but at least they have the guts to say how much they are or are not supported by research. You're basically getting your shot of caffeine without all the garbage calories, just some trace amounts of plant-based ingredients of questionable value but no apparent harm.

The attractive-looking purple tablets taste like Tums combined with Fruit Loops and some unidentifiable bitter/metallic medicinal taste. They don't taste great is what we're saying, although hey, some may think otherwise, and a drink of water helps them go down pretty fast in any case. The tablets we received were in four round tins of seven tablets each, although it appears they've now gone to a paper package that includes fifteen smaller paper two-tablet packages.

Our very subjective experience is that Voke gives about the same pickup as a cup of coffee, which is to say it's helpful to combat the after-lunch slump or prepare for a focus-intensive task. Bottom line: Voke is a very portable, calorie-compact and ostensibly healthy way to get a caffeine fix. At just over a buck a tablet it's cheaper than just about anything except buying coffee in bulk, so if you're looking for a portable energy boost, it's definitely worth checking out Voke tablets. Just don't expect the double rainbow experience.

$33.95 for 30 tablets at Amazon



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