Urban Halo Headbands

Gearflogger reviews the Urban Halo headbandIt's hard to say who popularized the do-rag – was it the movie First Blood in 1982? The Karate Kid in 1984? Or Platoon in 1986? Maybe farther back, like Easy Rider in 1969? And what do you call it anyway? Bandanna, kerchief or babushka, it's all the same, the humble headband – like The Dude – has endured.

Part of the reason for that endurance is the versatility of the traditional bandanna: it can be a sling, signalling panel (if bright enough), tourniquet, you name it. But the most popular use is just to keep your sweat out of your eyes, and for that you don't need four square feet of fabric. Urban Halo is here to serve your needs with an array of simple, stylish, functional and inexpensive headbands.

Urban Halo has it all, from plain to funky, and some – like the UrbanHero model shown here – benefit worthy causes like the Lindsey Vonn Foundation. There are models for kids and guys and you can even work on a custom design with them. The nylon-free fabric is stretchy for comfort and easy to care for – just don't wash with velcro! What else do you need? Just a bowl of popcorn and all four Karate Kid movies.

From $15.00 at Urban Halo



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