TwentyFifty Compostable Spoons

Gearflogger reviews the TwentyFifty compostable spoonLast year for the first time plastic cutlery made the top ten list of most-collected pieces of trash in The Ocean Conservancy's annual cleanup. Sounds like it's time for a New Year's resolution to get rid of single-use forks, spoons and knives – or is it? What if, say, you could eat your single-use spoon? TwentyFifty has a solution for the pollution!

OK, so they actually call their spoons "essentially edible" and they do not, in fact, recommend eating them. Because we are intrepid journalists here at Gearflogger, and not the beer-soaked ne'er-do-wells we are frequently characterized as by jealous rivals and spurned lovers – whose names are legion, legion we say! – we did, indeed, eat a TwentyFifty spoon. We are here to report that it is, in point of fact, edible. Barely. Like, really-really barely. As in, we did it so you don't have to.

But that's not the point. The point, if we haven't lost it already, is that TwentyFifty spoons are made of wheat flour, soy flour, corn flour, and water. So, not gluten-free, although they're working on that too. The point is that they do compost completely with no special treatment. Throw it in your backyard if you want.

The spoons fared well in hot and cold liquids and will easily make it through a meal or three. They are about as sturdy as a cheap plastic spoon if not more so. At $10 for a box of 12 they're not cheap, but let's be realistic: how much are you spending on that camping trip, backyard BBQ or kid's birthday party? If you want to do your part, consider compostable cutlery and give TwentyFifty a try.

$10.00 at TwentyFifty



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