Tuffy Security Deck Enclosure for Jeeps

Gearflogger reviews the Tuffy security deck enclosure for JeepsSometimes the most stressful part of hitting the trail is parking at the trailhead. If you're driving a Jeep with a soft top, or with the top off, that's a whole new level of insecurity. Luckily there's a company for that: Tuffy makes a whole lotta sheetmetal to protect your stuff in your vehicle, and not just Jeeps.

We've been using the Tuffy Security Deck Enclosure in our 2012 JKU for a few months now, and it's given us a lot of peace of mind wherever we go. It basically turns your rear cargo area into a locking trunk, using the tailgate as the lid. First things first: there are two versions of the enclosure for Jeeps: we tested the basic version that doesn't move but there's also a deluxe version with a hinged deck to give you more vertical space in the back when you need it. Both versions come specific to different years of Wranglers, so make sure you're getting the right one. Also be aware that there are separate basic versions for 2 and 4 doors, but only one deluxe version and it requires you remove the back seat in a 2 door.

Both versions are made from high quality powder-coated 16 gauge steel. Our basic model installed fairly easily in about 30 minutes: just assemble the enclosure panels, slide it into the back – definitely easier with two people – and bolt it down. It fits around the subwoofer and is definitely secure, although like any security measure it could be defeated with enough time and energy. You could remove it if you had to in about fifteen minutes, but it would be a bit of a pain and we've definitely had times where we wish we had the deluxe version. On the plus side, the deck on the basic version is weight bearing and comes with four corner tiedowns. One nice touch is the weather seal where the rear edge mates up with the tailgate. Tuffy really engineers their products well.

So what's it like living with it? Frankly we love it. The ~15.5 inch height fits a 14.5" tall 48 quart Coleman cooler just perfectly. It also fits most five gallon buckets with about an inch to spare, and this has proven oddly and often useful for everything from gear buckets to gravel to transporting glass to the recycling center. The tie downs are equally handy, allowing us to secure LittleFlogger's kid's bike inside without worrying that it will become a projectile. Since the power locks go inactive when the security alarm is enabled, even with the top off we don't worry on short hikes and bikes. We just shove anything valuable in the various locking compartments – glove box, center console and trunk – and off we go. We'd be remiss if we didn't mention that Tuffy has replacment steel enclosures for all those areas and more. Bottome line: highly recommended.

Basic version $199.00 at Amazon
Deluxe version $399.00 at Amazon



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