Tuffy Jeep Wrangler Tailgate Lockbox

Gearflogger reviews the Tuffy Tailgate Lockbox for Jeep WranglersTuffy knows Jeeps, and they know you want to store stuff in every nook and cranny of your Wrangler. They also know you want that stuff to be secure, and their products are the industry standard for locking storage on all kinds of vehicles. For a little more peace of mind at the trailhead, we checked out the Tailgate Lockbox for our 2012 JKU (also available for the new JL series).

The box comes really well packaged with plenty of padding. It's fully assembled except for the shelves, which screw into place quickly after you've got the box mounted to the tailgate. The mounting itself is dead simple: pop off the plastic cover on your gate and the box slips into the vent slots on the bottom and screws into existing holes in the top with four plastic anchors. Watch this six minute video and heed their advice to hand tighten the screws so as not to strip them, and you're good to go.

The shelves likewise just screw into place, one left and one right. You can leave one or both off if you have something specific you want to store that needs the extra height or width of the box; we put them both in because we're mostly storing small items, but without them installed you might be able to store a two-burner gas stove depending on the make and model. Then you just drop the door down to serve as a table and start grilling. The box intrudes on the storage space in back of your Jeep by about six inches, but you're not losing that space, you're just converting it to secure storage.

Once you've got your stuff in there you can lock it up with two corner locks, which is nice since if there was just a single center lock it would be easy to pry the corners open, but with two that's gonna be a chore. Closed the box clears the subwoofer if you have one, and even better it fits like a glove under the Tuffy Security Deck Enclosure that we've also got installed. Now granted, having the security deck and the lockbox installed is kind of a belt-and-suspenders approach, but we really like the additional small item storage for organization, and especially the flip-down door for table space. So drop that top, you're protected with Tuffy!

$139.99 at Tuffy




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