Travelon Tech Accessory Organizer

Gearflogger reviews the Travelon Tech Accessory OrganizerOrganization is its own zen, and we're constantly looking for good organizing tools. Travelon makes a lot of different styles of bags, and they've got some nifty little organizer models. We looked at the Tech Accessory Organizer, an inexpensive and versatile solution.

The TAO is about 5×7 inches folded, with an adjustable buckle and strap around it, and unfolds into three mesh pockets: two zipped and the middle one with an overlapping flap. It's easily big enough to hold memory sticks, chargers, cables and other paraphernalia of the digital nomad. It's also not a bad size for a pocket trauma kit, and the side pockets will hold compact chest seals and clotting gauze. You can secure a tourniquet and compression bandage inside by cinching down the strap, and you've got yourself a decent little kit that will fit in a medium to large size pocket.

The only downside is the mesh on the inside is not the toughest stuff available, but for occasional use or if you're able to be careful with it there's not a problem. For the price it's a neat little problem-solver with a lot of uses.

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