Gearflogger reviews the Trailkeg

Admit it, we had you at Trail + Keg. It's a short, sweet name that tells you all you need to know. And best of all, we're here to tell you it works as advertised.

TrailKeg has a simple mission: to enable you to transport craft beer to be consumed at the time and location of your choice, in the way in which god intended – from a tap. We tested the Gallon TrailKeg package, which includes a ONE GALLON GROWLER!!! along with the internal thread lid, two taps, two CO2 cartridges and a regulator.

The Growler itself is pretty sweet: a ONE GALLON GROWLER!!! with double walls, great for transporting anything you want to keep hot or cold. Got a mob of kids going sledding? That's sixteen 8oz cups of hot chocolate, ready to pour. Cold water for your baking hot desert splitter project? Done.

And then there's the beer. We proudly marched into one of our local craft breweries and presented the TrailKeg to the bartender like we were bringing home a bison to feed the village. He was duly impressed, and $20 later we eight pints of IPA rolling cold. At home we swapped on the internal thread lid, attached the chrome pub-style tap and pressure regulator, screwed in the CO2 cartridge and adjusted the pressure. Four pints later (with friends helping!), we pulled the tap and regulator and put it in the fridge. A week later we pulled it out, snapped the tap and regulator back into place and saw it had kept it pressure with nary a drop the whole time. Four more pints and done.

The TrailKeg is well-engineered, with quick-attach sockets on everything and everything easy to clean. The inclusion of two different taps – a pub-style handle tap and a picnic-style flex tap – and even a couple of CO2 cartridges make it pretty much idiot-proof. Even better, the lid package is available in two styles with internal and external threads compatible with a whole bunch of other growlers. But why wouldn't you just get the TrailKeg ONE GALLON GROWLER!!! and call it done? A seriously great piece of gear.

$199.99 at TrailKeg




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