Toad & Co. Boarding Pass Pant

Gearflogger reviews the Toad & Co. Boarding Pass pantIt's a dirty little secret that even backcountry bandits like you (probably) and I (definitely) have day jobs. The only thing worse than going to work on a powder day is going to work in uncomfortable clothing that has no purpose other than going to work. Luckily Toad & Co. can provide you with duds that can get you to the Matterhorn as easily as they get you to a meeting.

The Boarding Pass pants are a handsome pair of pants that look like a clean pair of khakis, easily suitable for a day at the office. But as soon as you put them on you can tell they're made to move, light and breathable with just a bit of mechanical stretch. The crotch is gusseted, which is now legal in most states for consenting adults. The extra freedom in the South Kingdom means you can easily hit that boulder problem on the way home without changing clothes. No problem high-stepping here.

The Boarding Pass pants also have a zippered side pocket, and thankfully it's not one of those tacked-on glaringly-obvious cargo pockets that make a Frankenstein out of so many other would-be crossover pants. This one is artfully concealed, and it easily swallows an iPhone 6 Plus or anything equivalent in size. It's angled to make it easy to access when seated, either in a board room or crammed into cargo-class on your favorite budget airline. The front and rear pockets are open to the world as God and Toad intended. I've always liked a medium-depth, 45 degree slashed hand pocket and these are perfect. The right rear seat pocket is flapped for those of you (stop it!) who absolutely must keep your ginormous, scoliosis-inducing wallet under your ass cheek.

What's funny about these pants is after putting them on I first thought they were fully synthetic, but on closer examination they're actually a 55% cotton/42% poly/3% spandex blend, water repellent with a UPF 40+ rating and sustainably sourced from a bluesign partner. The Boarding Pass pants are damn close to the ultimate travel pants, offering stylish street-to-trail performance right out of the suitcase.

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