Thermos Element 5 vacuum bottle

ThermosWhat do the Wright Bros., Ernest Shackleton and Count Zeppelin have in common? Well not only are they all dead, it turns out they all used Thermos products. Taking some time off from defending the use of their company name as a generic product description, Thermos found time to innovate a bit with the new Element 5 line of vacuum bottles.

Available in 20 and 40oz capacities, and featuring the usual stainless steel inside and out design with a twist-and-pour spout and cap/cup, they also have two unusual and nice features: a wide no-slip base and a beefy carabiner loop. Stop; you had me at ‘biner.

A thermos vacuum bottle is more than a comfort item, it’s a vital piece of your medical kit on summit day. Good enough to be pimped by Ed Viesturs, an actor known for his pivotal role in the classic mountaineering comedy Vertical Limit, the E5 line includes a food container as well. Now if they would only bring back the Nissan TiBottle life would be rosy.

$40.00 at Thermos



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