Thermapen ONE Instant Read Thermometer

Gearflogger reviews the Thermapen ONE instant read thermometerWhen you start using a grill to cook your meat, you quickly run into the question of doneness. At that point someone will tell you that thing about how if you press on different parts of your hand the resistance is the same as different grades of doneness; the soft web between thumb and index finger feels like rare, or whatever. You will then quickly realize this is absolutely unreliable and frustrating and go get yourself an instant read thermometer, at which point you will discover Thermapen.

Thermapen is a company that clearly is passionate about their products, which include a wide array of thermometers, alarms, temperature control fans, etc. You can see it from the moment you open the package, which includes a booklet called Temperature at Home, mostly product descriptions but also a lot of good tips on how to properly calibrate your thermometer to tips on cooking chocolate, seafood, steaks and more. There is even a thing about cooking sugar which we didn't even know was a thing, but is very cool.

Anyway, back to the gear, in this case the Thermapen ONE, which is their newest and bestest instant read thermometer. The first thing you need from your thermometer is accuracy, which the ONE provides to within half a degree. A-ha, you say, anyone can say that, but how do we know? We know because Thermapen is crazy about quality control, and the ONE's measurement standards are subject to a process certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the same governmental organization that certifies mission-critical things like ballistic armor and stock trade times. The second thing you want is a fast read so you don't have to hold your tender little hand over a hot grill, and the ONE is the fastest with sub-one second reads. It also helps that the probe can read at any angle, which is handy on a crowded grill.

The Thermapen ONE doesn't stop there; it has a large, rotating display with adaptive backlight for easy reading, it turns itself on when you pick it up and has a silver ion coating for antimicrobial protection. It's even IP67 rated for dust and water because you might, you know, drop it in water… not that we did, but someone we know might have. But now we know we can wash it in the sink without worry! So the takeaway is this: buy once, cry once, get a Thermapen ONE and you're good to grill.

$105.00 at Thermapen



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