The Better Bungee Build-a-Bungee Kit

Gearflogger reviews the Build a bungee kitYou gotta love it when some clever people take something you just didn't think could be any better and improve it. Exhibit A is the humble bungee cord or strap. Two hooks joined by a length of elastic material. What could possibly be improved?

Well The Better Bungee folks had some ideas. They start with the rope, which in this case is replaced by polyurethane cords that stretch up to 2x their original length, and aren't affected by UV/water/gas/diesel/oil/most other chemicals, and are even unaffected by extreme temperatures. We weren't able to directly test a lot of these claims, but people seem to genuinely like them and after using them ourselves we can see why.

The Build-a-Bungee kit takes things a step farther. Ten feet of rope or strap and six hooks allow you to build up to three custom length bungee cords. The nylon hooks are pretty ingenious, just wrap the cord around the hook and press into place and presto! Instant custom bungee that you can undo and redo to your heart's content.

You can also buy the cord in bulk, and really go hog wild. The Build-a-Bungee kit is a great way to get fast, reliable custom gear tie-downs in place. The company makes a lot of other bungee related products, be sure to check them out!

$27.99 at The Better Bungee


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