Territory Ahead Go Anywhere Cargo Pants

Gearflogger reviews Territory Ahead Go Anywhere Cargo Pants

A good pair of cargo pants is mandatory for the male wardrobes. OK, I have no idea if that is actually true, but it sounds plausible. Territory Ahead makes clothing that balances practicality with some travel-inspired flair, and their Go Anywhere pants are a stylish if expensive option.

The Go Anywhere pants are well built, and the ten pocket options are a little different from normal. The rear pockets are open; the left one has a narrow inner pocket just big enough that an iPhone 6 Plus will fit, and there is a small zipped credit-card sized pocket on the outside of the right rear. The front hand pockets are also open, and on the left is a small watch pocket with a clip for keys. The left cargo pocket has a flap over it, but closure, and the right cargo pocket is open, with another zipped iPhone 6 Plus sized pocket on the outside.

It's a nice configuration with some thoughtful touches, like the patterned stitching under the flap on the left cargo pocket, the key clip and the front button. Inside the waistband on either side are elastic tabs that give you a little extra room, for example after Thanksgiving dinner. If you're a skinny type, you might want to go a size smaller as the pants seem to err on the side of a little extra around the waist, maybe because of the extra expansion available from the elastic.

Wearing the Go Anywhere pants is comfortable, and the feel is very nice thanks to the 8.8 ounce washed cotton-nylon canvas. The fit is overall very good, although everyone is different and I noticed there was for my body type a lot of drag on the front thighs if I took a high step. Really the only thing that would give me pause on these pants is the price, which is a bit on the high side for cargo pants, but if you like a little extra style with your workwear Go Anywhere has a little something different for you.

$99.50 at Go Anywhere



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