Talus ColdAvenger balaclava

GearFlogger reviews the Talus ColdAvenger balaclavaSerious cold calls for serious gear, and nothing is as important as putting the right cover on your brain bucket. Talus Outdoor Technologies brings us the ColdAvenger, an expedition-worthy balaclava that sets free your inner Vader.

The ColdAvenger is made of Polartec Wind Pro, a great choice for wind protection that doesn't get all crinkly on you. The clava has two pieces, the main head covering with an open face, and the rip-and-stick ventilator that is the secret weapon.

We've tried ventilator systems before and generally like them. Sleeping in them takes a bit of getting used to, but it's worth the effort since that's when the benefits really kick in. By capturing the humidity and warmth from your outgoing breath, the system returns it to you as you breathe in. The ColdAvenger executes this technology perfectly with a medical-grade ventilator that is soft and supple, so the whole system meshes with your goggles. It even helps reduce fogging.

If you're heading to an extremely cold, dry environment and want the extra warmth and humidity of a ventilator system, the ColdAvenger is the way to go. Even without the ventilator, the clava itself is a nice hood. It has just enough of a neck to tuck in, and the single size will fit medium to large heads nicely.

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