Swiss Tech Micro-Tech 6-in-1 mini tool

GearFlogger reviews the Swiss Tech Micro-Tech 6-in-1 tool

Small things please small minds, as they say. The Swiss Tech Micro-Tech 6-in-1 mini tool is proof of that. It's not much, just a teeny tiny little tool measuring about one inch by two inches by a quarter inch thick when folded. What it does is disappear into the watch pocket on your jeans until you need it.

The three useful tools are the flat and Phillips head screwdriver and the pliers. The wire cutter works, the wire stripper not so well, and the sheet shear… well, let's just say that if you're using that function something has gone horribly wrong.

It's well-built, useful, and inexpensive, and it's TSA compliant. File this under stocking stuffer.

$5.88 at Amazon


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