Stuffitts Shoe Savers

StuffittsEveryone knows Stinky McClimber. His shoes smell like ass, and his attempt to treat the situation with humor usually devolves to "does anyone smell cookies?" It's his shoes, man. So tell him to Stuffitt.

The clever business model of Stuffitts is paying money to not vomit on a regular basis. Simple in design, Stuffitts come in four sizes and feature two cedar-chip filled shoe-shaped inserts connected by a removable leash. The cedar chips are removable in their own inner bag, so you can zip them out and wash the outer skankiness-wicking cover.

You wash everything you're wearing after a sweatfest, except your shoes. To give your doghouse a little love just cram some Stuffitts in. The cedar smells good and is not overpowering, and they really do take the ass out. Shoes dry noticeably faster and smell way better. A great gift for your dirtbag climber friends. Replacement cedar inserts run $9.95 a pair, not so bad given the bennies.

$24.95 at Stuffitts



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