Stanley HID Spotlight

Review of Stanley HID0109 spotlight Set your phasers on blind, gentlemen. And if you're wearing a red shirt, put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye. Even the Stanley HID spotlight can't save you now.

Sometimes you just need to put a big freakin' light on the scene. For search and rescue work, scouting routes or whatever, the Stanley spotlight does the job. At 4.5lb it's not exactly fast and light, but it has to be big to hold a 12v rechargeable battery and a 35w high intensity discharge lamp. It goes for about an hour on a full charge, more if you use the optional dim mode.

On top is a three LED light array for area use, and a padded lanyard is included, as are both wall and cigarette lighter adapters. The HID spotlight is heavy-duty tool for throwing serious light out. If you live or work in the big wide open, it's hard to beat the value.

$69.99 at Amazon



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