Stanley 500 AMP Battery Jump Starter with Compressor

Stanley_j5c09Stanley is really putting out. No, not the sales guy on The Office, although he did have his little tryst. In this case we're talking about the Stanley 500 AMP battery jump starter with compressor.

This little unit is a worthy addition to your vehicle-based just-in-case kit for heading out to backcountry trailheads. It's basically a big 'ol battery with jumper cables and a few other tricks up its sleeve. There is a standard 12V plug and a USB port for charging stuff, and a little LED pivot light to illuminate a small work area.

The compressor is a bit on the weak side, but as long as you've got a full charge it will suffice to inflate a tire – slowly. Or use the included adapters to inflate bike tires, balls or air mattresses. To recharge, simply plug it into a standard household outlet overnight and watch the indicator lights until it goes green. For the price it does a lot, and if you're worried about your car battery Stanley can provide some peace of mind.

$74.19 at Amazon


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  1. Hi – I use a different 12v air compressor It comes with 260 PSI as well as a reading guage and re inflates tyres very quickly. It also comes with a heavy duty jump starter as well as a power inverter and work lights – A bit more expensive at $299, but invaluable when I am away camping.

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