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LensesAfter getting my Smith Factor D-Max sunglasses I noticed that details were not quite as sharp as they should be. Goddamn Smith! Those bastards and their lack of quality control! I will go to the ends of the earth to tank their stock price!

Oops, as you were; turns out I’m just getting old and need a tiny bit of prescription correction in the Mark I Eyeball. Unfortunately options are few and prices sky-high for this kind of thing. I decided to go with Sportsvisionbend (Bend, Oregon) because their lack of imagination in naming their company clearly indicates they are too lazy to cheat me.

I sent a current prescription by fax, and two weeks later I had a pair of brown polarized lenses. They’re in the standard Factor sizing, smaller than the Factor Max or even larger D-Max, and they fit with just a little bit of play in the Smith frames, which might bother someone jarring around a lot. The quality is fantastic, as it should be for $230 a pair, almost double the price of the sunglasses themselves. Nonpolarized lenses are cheaper, at $155, and the technicians at Sportsvisionbend can walk you through the pros and cons of various tints for various uses. Only downside besides price: no yellow tint.

$Various prices at



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