Sport Science Winter Wicking Beanie Hat

Woolbeanie And now for something a little bit different. The Sport Science Winter Wicking Beanie is a classier version of the now ubiquitous – yeah, that's a college word – fleece dome hat.

Sport Science does the concept one better by mixing in 10% merino wool with 90% good old dead dinosaur based polyester. The end result is a hat that has the wicking performance of fleece with the flat-nap look of a high-end wool product.

The earband is double thick for a little extra warmth just where you want it. The entire inside is a familiar fleece feel, i.e. nice and soft. If you're looking for a dome that you can wear from backcountry to boardwalk the Beanie will do you right, especially the all-black version that looks extra-haute. Just remember to carefully take a seam ripper to the little yellow tab, which is a bit scratchy.

$25.40 at Two Knobby Tires



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