SOLE Ed Viesturs Signature Series Custom Footbed

GearFlogger reviews the SOLE Ed Viesturs Signature Series heat moldable custom footbeds - high volume I had a hard time getting past the pitch for the "striking sublimated graphics" for something that goes inside your boots and hence you will never actually look at, but I'm dealing. At least I was until it occurred to me that the word sublimate means to "make subtle" and yet it is used in conjunction with the word "striking" and then I saw the price and my head asplode!

But OK, whatever. The SOLE EVSSCF (*ack*) is designed for high volume footwear, i.e. boots, although it can be used to correct sloppy fit and foot pain in shoes as well. It's heat moldable in just a few minutes in a standard oven, or you can let your natural foot skank mold them in place while wearing. The SOLE is beefy, with a thick and wide three layer construction: wicking top sheet, 3.2mm SOFTEC open-cell urethane in the middle and EVA foam base. The high arch support and deep heel cups provide great support, and a review of reviews shows it works to alleviate or outright cure chronic foot pain for a lot of people.

The SOLE gets the official seal of acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association, and that's not nuthin'. If it makes you feel better, $1 from each pair sold goes to Big City Mountaineers, a worthy nonprofit dedicated to introducing urban kids to an outdoors experience that does not involve a creepy barn and a guy in a hockey mask. If you suffer from chronic foot pain and/or are trying to correct a sloppy fit in a high volume boot or shoe, it's likely worth your while to give these things a try.

$45.00 at REI



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