SOG Flash II Rescue knife

GearFlogger reviews the SOG Flash Rescue knife

SOG, purveyors of all things sharp and shiny, offer a design for those folks who need to cut cord, webbing, seat belts, and other stuff, often off of people in difficult situations.

The SOG Flash II Rescue knife features a safety blade design with no tip, the better to work next to skin you don't want to cut. The blunt tip can also be used for prying and scraping, and the broad spine allows you to put a little ass into it with two hands if you're desperate. The thumb wheel is backed up by an assisted release mechanism that snaps the blade into position securely.

The blade is 2/3 serrated and will go through textiles like a laser. The Zytel handle is high traction for slippery situations, and the pocket clip is designed for low and inconspicuous carry. There's even a blade lock to prevent accidental deployment. A nice tool at a great price, and if they would add a glass breaker on the pommel and maybe a rescue hook…

$43.32 at Amazon


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