Smith Variant Brim snow helmet

VariantMove over, Ponch and Jon: CHIPs has nothing on Smith when it comes to helmet design. A lot of snow helmets these days look like rejected Borg technology, but Smith’s Variant Brim is a smooth operator with a seamless melding of form and function.

The ABS/InMold PC shell and EPS liner make an effective brain bucket that doesn’t sacrifice comfort. The big plush ear covers and chin strap are comfy cozy, and if you start to overheat just pop open the 16-vent configuration. Straps are all adjustable for the perfect fit, and the goggle retaining strap will keep your eye pro strapped on.

The Variant is available without a brim, but why go there? It cuts down glare, especially in low-sun-angle conditions, and it plain looks cool. Plus it adds authenticity to the CHIPs roleplaying the SheFlogger likes after hours… what, I was speeding? But I’m broke, how will I pay my ticket? Comes with a high quality helmet cover for storage.

$104.96 (on sale from $149.95) at Backcountry Outlet



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