Smith Phenom goggles

PhenomNot to be confused with Ultimate Fighter Vitor "The Phenom" Belfort, the Phenom Spherical Series goggles from Smith are just as awesome although they probably won’t protect you in the grab-hair-smash-face arena.

The Phenom is a helmet-compatible, medium fit/medium volume goggle with spherical lenses; a smaller fit women’s version is the Anthem. But that’s not important right now: any set of goggles will protect your face, the only questions to be answered are (1) are they clear, (2) are they comfortable and (3) do they fog?

For you ADHD types – who probably haven’t read this far anyway – the answers are yes, yes and hell no. Clarity is excellent on the rose copper polarized lens and the fully adjustable fit is snug and comfy even under a helmet or over ear protection. But these qualities are all available in many goggles; the distinguishing feature that makes the Smith Phenom the goggle to beat is the Regulator adjustable lens ventilation system. It just works, and for backcountry use it’s hard to overstate the joy of being able to goggle up on the uphill grunt without worrying about fogging. Highly recommended.

$129.95 at Mountaingear



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