Silvretta LSV 500

SilvrettaPair these with the Atomic Chugach skis and your mountaineering approach kit is complete. The LSV is designed to hook up with the crampon welts on your mountaineering boots, and it works as advertised.

Like the Chugach skis, this is not for AT or tele purists but rather a workable solution to the approach problem: getting across that glacier or whatever to the climb proper, without hauling extra gear for the job.

The setup is a great replacment for snowshoes; I knew I had to have it after a couple skiers blew by my partner and I descending the Kahiltna on Denali. Bastards. They were drinking beer at base long before our sore and sorry asses dragged in. Ski crampons available as an option.

$355.00 at Alaska Mountaineering



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