Sierra Designs Flash 2 tent

Gearflogger reviews the Sierra Designs Flash 2 tent

Sierra Designs is one of the leading innovators in outdoor gear these days. The Flash 2 tent is a great design that provides quick pitching and great livability if you're willing to pack just a little extra weight and give up a bit of storm tolerance.

The Flash 2 is a three season, two person shelter that weighs in on our scale at 4lb 4oz for the complete package, including guylines, stakes, tent, sack and poles. Or should we say HOLY MOTHER OF GOD POLE! There are two poles, one just a meter long and the other an unholy conglomeration of three poles in an H layout. Don't let yourself be intimidated, it actually speeds up pitching a lot. Just snap everything together, lay it on top of the tent fabric and you should have it done and done within a few minutes. It's really pretty slick.

Once up you've got a hybrid single/double wall design. The main part of the tent has a bathtub floor and mesh walls and ceiling, with a permanently attached fly that has two small awnings at the ends and two large vestibules on the sides. Here's where the magic comes in. Each side has it's own big-ass door, and this combined with the steep inner walls makes it feel very roomy inside, especially for those of us who have come to expect that "two person tent" means two very good friends (make your buddy smile!). It's a neat design for those who spend a lot of time in a tent. Each person having their own vestibule makes gear storage a snap, as well as facilitating those late night and early morning "call of duty" exits. There is superb ventilation, and two small flaps on the ends can be dropped for a marginal increase in airflow.

The Flash 2 is a little porky weight-wise, but not so much for the increased livability. The only other caveat is that it's not a free-standing design, it really needs to be staked out, and guyed well in high-wind areas. Other than that if you're looking for a little more room, easy entries and exits, and the increased storage and utility that two vestibules offer (camping with two dogs?), the Flash 2 is waiting for you.

$270.73 (on sale from $339.95) at REI




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