Sierra Designs Enforcer glove

GearFlogger reviews the Sierra Designs Enforcer gloveOh ho ho, and what have we here? Just a smokin' hot pair of ski gloves from Sierra Designs. The Enforcer glove has the look, no doubt, but it also has the mojo to rip it up on the slopes or anywhere you need warm, waterproof and padded hand protection. In fact, you may be looking at the perfect ski mountaineering glove.

The Enforcer starts with a waterproof/breathable Tropozone insert, adds G150 Thinsulate insulation and wraps the whole enchilada in supple deerskin and tough nylon. Of course there's a soft snot rag on the back of the thumb, reinforced leather palms and perfectly sized gauntlets – with drawcord and leash, natch - to keep the powder where it belongs: outside.

The fit on the Enforcer is fully dialed in: these articulated gloves are all about dexterity, and you won't have any problem working your poles or handling a belay device. And here's the really cool parts: the palm has gel and foam padding to soak up shock from those bomber pole plants, and on the back of the hand is a zipped pocket sized for a heat pack to add a little extra warmth when you need it. If you're looking for a backcountry workhorse of a glove that handles like a sports car, check out Sierra Design's Enforcer.

$108.95 at Altrec




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