Sierra Designs DriZone down bootie

Drizone Cold feet are never a good idea, and what a lot of people don't know is that they are contagious. For example, if the SheFlogger's feet are cold, you can be sure that you will also be miserable. This is one of those times where a bootie call is actually good preventive medicine.

Sierra Designs puts out with the DriZone waterproof down booties. The DriZones are lightweight and reasonably compact, they have a burly rubberish sole with decent traction and the seams are sealed. There are cords to snug up the ankle and the cuff, and a pull loop to assist entry. The footbed is not removable, but they're not so bulky that they don't work in a sleeping bag. The 700 down fill is sufficient for three season use by people with normal thermostats.

The waterproof feature works for light exposure. You don't want to go wading or anything, but for wet grass, snow and such you'll be allright as long as you're not postholing around. Breathability is good, so unless you're a sweaty footed beast your feet will remain dry. All in all, the DriZone is not a deep-winter all-conditions bootie, but it also doesn't have that kind of price tag. For all-season cabin wear and outdoor three season use by people with somewhat normal thermostats the DriZone works great, and it won't break the bank.

$69.00 at REI




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