Shred Alert Ponytail Headband

PonytailI have been told by a female editor that the Shred Alert Ponytail Headband is proof that there is a god. I was going to point out that perhaps she meant "goddess" but I decided to save the irony for my gentle readers.

It’s Shred Alert, so you know it’s stylish and well-made. One simple modification makes a useful item even… usefuller. It is a headband. With a hole. In the back. For a ponytail. Or your third eye, if you live near high-tension power lines. My editor informs me that the location of the hole allows a "perky ponytail." Not to be confused with pasted-against-the-ears ugly Heidi ponytail.

The headband is constructed of Malden Mills Polartec fleece and comes in red, blue and vanilla. Or, as they say in the biz, two colors and a flavor. OK, I made that up. All colors reverse to black, and there is even a matching neck gaiter available. That part is true. OK, let’s review: inexpensive + well-made + stylish + useful = great gift for your woman or as I like to call it, a get-out-of-the-doghouse free card.

$19.00 at Shred Alert




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