Shock Doctor Velocity ShockSkin impact gear

Gearflogger reviews the Shock Doctor Velocity ShockSkin shirts and shortsFall much? Take a lot of hits? Well take a break from your self-medication ritual and think about prevention for a minute. These days you've got a lot more options than just strapping on your brain bucket. Shock Doctor is here to help with everything from insoles to cups to mouthguards to padded clothing.

We really like their Active Ultra Insole, and have since become big fans of their Velocity ShockSkin impact gear. The padded shorts and shirts work for everything from biking to scrambling to parkour to lacrosse, and most any other endeavor where the potential for getting smacked is imminent. Bouldering and slacklining both come to mind as well. You can choose by sport, or just figure out where you're getting banged the most and look for the appropriately padded garment.

The LAX 5-pad short with Ultra Carbon Flex Cup is designed for lacrosse, but we wore it for biking and highly recommend it for roller blading. It's got a removable cup and pads on the outer thigh, hips and one over the tailbone. The LAX 5-pad shirt has pads over the kidneys, back and shoulders. With a little practice both the shirt and shorts are easy to put on and will definitely make an impression with the Sheflogger; her first words seeing us decked out in the ensemble was, "You look like a superhero!" We'll take that compliment from a beautiful woman six days a week and twice on Sunday.

The material is ultralight and super-thin so it moves and breathes extremely well. It fits like a second skin, just be careful pulling it on; we tried to gorilla it the first time and made a small rip, but after that we were more careful and had no problems. As of this writing it looks like they've got a relaxed fit size for even more options. If you've got a need for a little extra padding, check out the full range of Shock Doctor impact gear. Whatever your pain of choice, they've got you covered.

Shirt $62.99 (on sale from $89.99) at Shock Doctor
Shorts $66.49 (on sale from $94.99) at Shock Doctor


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