Scarpa Rapid LT shoe

GearFlogger reviews the Scarpa Rapid LT shoeOhhh, man. We love this shoe, and it's been more than a year! How much? When we originally got it we wore it every day for over a month before we realized we had forgotten to review it, it just fits in that well. We're setting things right: the Scarpa Rapid LT is a crazy comfortable shoe that does everything well.

The Rapid is billed as a light hiker slash approach shoe, and our first thought was: great, another approach shoe so uncomfortable that it will sit on the shelf until it turns into dust. Absolutely not! The Rapid is soooo comfy it it easily turns into a quiver of one. Yes, it scrambles, and the sticky rubber gives you confidence on slick rock. It also hikes, and you'll appreciate the low midsole that makes it almost impossible to roll an ankle. You can even trail run in it, if that's your thing (sicko!).

The laces go farther down than a normal shoe, but not so far that it takes you all morning to lace up. The tongue is just padded enough. And the Rapid is light, just over 11 ounces per doghouse, but it doesn't trade off a solid toe cap and rand for protection. The heel is soft, easily folding down for packing, although since it will be on your foot all the time that doesn't really matter. Finally, the look: the combination of subdued charcoal and safety orange is tres chic. Yes, we've worn it to business casual events and the cool factor easily carried us through. Scarpa really brought it all together in this shoe; the only downside is it can be hard to find, but keep hunting because it is so worth it.

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