SanDisk Sansa e-series music players

Sandisk_1Normally I’m a total vulgarian (You’re the vulgarian, you f**k!) in that I rarely make time for the finer things in life like music and, well, friends. The former at least can be rectified with the SanDisk Sansa e-series music players.

These ideal outdoor companions feature rugged titanium and plastic construction, a user-replaceable battery, FM tuner, voice recorder and 20-hour playback time.

The 1.8in. color screen is sharp and pretty. Capacity on the e-series ranges up to 8GB, and this can be expanded even further via the micro-SD slot. Audio quality is very good with support for all the usual audio formats and even video at 15fps. Third party accessories like docks are also available.

An added bonus is that when turned off the battery does not drain at all, unlike many other players out there. It may be difficult to do the boot-scoot boogie in plastic double boots, but now at least you can have a soundtrack.

$178.42 at


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