Rumpl Camo Puffy Blanket

Gearflogger reviews the Rumpl puffy blanket

Sometimes it's the simple things in life, like a warm puffy blanket. For cabin time, concerts on the green, glamping or just kicking back at home it's nice to be able to go warm when you want to.

Rumpl makes puffy blankets, and from the moment the 50×70 inch camo version came out of the box it's been in use. Our six-year-old Littleflogger got it first, but it also found a home in the camper and the even in the just-in-case bag in back of the car on some long cold-weather drives here in Alaska.

Sure it's just a blanket, but the simplicity is the lure. It's definitely warm enough to be a single cover even down to about freezing, especially if you've got some warm clothes and insulation between you and the ground. The simplicity extends to care; just throw it in the washer after a particularly manky trip or kid-induced body fluids expulsion event.

The blanket is well made, includes a matching stuff sack, the various prints are attractive, and literally the only real feature on them is a sewn loop near each corner. You can use them to hang-dry, or get creative and clip them together for an open-sided sleeping bag. The only ding is the Rumpl is a bit pricey for a synthetic blanket, but it's hard to hold that against them when it gets so much use, so check it out.

$129.00 at Rumpl



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