Royal Robbins Comino Short Sleeve Shirt

Gearflogger reviews the Royal Robbins Comino short sleeve shirtRoyal Robbins is a great maker to check out when you're looking for activewear that looks as good as it performs. If you think your next trip will combine active travel with business, that's even better. The Comino shirt is a perfect example of a shirt that will sweat it out with you in the backwoods and in the boardroom and never lose its great look.

The Comino starts with the right material, in this case something called TENCEL modal, a trademark of Austrian company Lenzing AG. TENCEL modal is a blend of polyester and beech wood fibers that is exceptionally soft and absorbent while also breathing well, making it a great choice for hot and humid weather. The manufacturing process is energy efficient and environmentally friendly to boot. The investment in natural materials even extends to the buttons, which are made from coconut.

The fit of the Comino is spot-on, with an athletic cut that is not too slim and definitely not too boxy. There are two pleats in the back that combine with the fit and materials to make wearing the Comino about as close to not wearing a shirt as you can get and still get served. We wore the Comino all over the Big Island of Hawaii and just plain forgot we had it on until someone commented on its good looks. The shirt, not the wearer, to be clear…

The Comino is a great and versatile shirt with no surprises, although there is a small mystery: the ad copy on the website says there is a sunglass sleeve in the single open-top chest pocket. Now we're not exactly sure what a sunglass sleeve looks like, but whatever it is we did not find it. That may be on us, as we are occasionally a couple of enchiladas short of a combination plate, and we'll check with RR to we get to the bottom of this plot. Either way, don't let that stop you from grabbing this shirt if it fits your bill, the Comino is a keeper any way you look at it.

$80.00 at Royal Robbins



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