Rock & Ice 2007 Gear Guide

BigawardDespite the fact that those bastards at Rock and Ice magazine ripped off my frigging in the rigging tagline for a story in their 2007 gear and safety guide, I’m going to throw them a bone and pimp their rag.

Seriously, this is the best old-school media production out there and their editors know from shinola, at least when they’re sober. In this edition of their annual gear guide they’re mostly off the sauce as they roll out their "Best in Gear" or B.I.G. award. Like Playboy, it’s worth the money just for the articles, but we all know we want the shiny gear-porn.

So what do they like? In rock shoes, the Five Ten Piton, Mad Rock Maniac, La Sportiva Venom, Scarpa Spectro, Acopa Spectre and Mammut Goblin. In ropes, the DMM Revolver, CAMP Nano Wire, Wild Country Helium quickdraw, Faders SUM and Black Diamond Hotwire. Yes, I know, none of those are ropes, WTF? Harnesses and packs: no awards. Again, WTF? Ice tools: Grivel Monster, Petzl Nomic. Cams: Black Diamond Camalot, Omega Pacific Linkcam. Boots: Kayland M11, La Sportiva Mega Ice, Lowa Ice Comp GTX. Yes, two of those are fruit boots, WTF? Crash pads: Black Diamond Mondo, Organic Full Pad. Helmets: Petzl Meteor III. Sleeping bags: MSR Reactor, MontBell Super Stretch Down Hugger #7, Macpac Epic 300 SF. Yes, the Reactor is a stove, so once again, WTF? Tents: Nemo Tenshi. Lights: Black Diamond Icon.

So, to sum up: a seemingly random collection of awards with limited utility. However there is some good buying guidance, copious tabular data and some good safety articles, so for $5.99 we’re going with a buy recommendation. Maybe they’ll get the award thing together next year.

$5.99 at a newstand near you



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2 responses to “Rock & Ice 2007 Gear Guide”

  1. Interesting issue. I noticed neither CiloGear nor Wild Things had entries in the pack section, WTF? Isn’t this a climbing magazine?
    Also, the B.I.G. selection in the tent section was the Nemo Tenshi eVent tent which hasn’t been available in eVent since about March of last year. Dohhhh!
    For a gear guide it is suspiciously light on advertising and I’m the kind of person that keeps a blade handy to cut out as much adverstising as possible the first time through a magazine!
    My advice? Save your money.

  2. R&I has the lowest integrity of any outdoor magazine when it comes to gear reviews. Totally biased by advertising content, weak “testing,” and bad advice. Stay away, far away.

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